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Have you ever been intrigued by the way that some seem to just thrive in life, while others struggle from one hurdle to the next? Do you sometimes feel stuck and would love to get some agency back over your life? Or do you not know how to even find your goals, where to start or how to stay motivated?

Self-leadership is the practice of understanding who you are, identifying your desired experiences and intentionally guiding yourself towards them.


Understanding the science and learning the skills of self-leadership empowers you to identify your desires, goals and potential; it enables you to maximise your motivation and willpower, so you stick to your goals even when you're tired or can't see the finish line; and, it provides you with the confidence you need to make a start despite fear of failure or being out of your comfort zone.


You could say self-leadership is the ultimate art of manifesting - just without the hocus-pocus and with evidence-based behaviour change techniques instead. In fact, there is a ton of scientific research that has explored the various aspects of self-leadership over the past decade or so. Based on this evidence, I have put together a blog and some tools to support others on their journey towards their goals and desires.

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Hi, I'm Maike!

I'm a Self-leadership Psychologist and behaviour change expert and a firm believer that happiness can be learnt through practising the art of self-leadership.

For as long as I can think, I've had a fascination with the fact that some people seem to thrive in life, while others go from one hurdle to another. It's what drove me to study Psychology, where I specialised in talent management and health behaviour change and later undertook a doctorate in public health at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

You can find my list of publications here. I am also a qualified coach in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and acceptance commitment training (ACT) for workplaces. Over the last 15 years, I worked as a project manager, tutor and regular guest lecturer, workshop facilitator, international speaker, consultant and research fellow (you can connect with me on LinkedIn here).

After more than a decade of working in research, I created an evidence-based workshop about how to live life with intention and purpose: the art of self-leadership.


I am now working on making this more accessible through this blog, my social media and an online course; and, I am planning the next iterations of my self-leadership workshop. If you are keen to stay in the loop about upcoming dates and other news, subscribe to my newsletter.


If there's anything in particular you'd like help with or that interests you, send me a line through the contact form on this site :)

Maike x


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