eBook 'Happiness, Motivation & the Art of Self-Goalsetting'

eBook 'Happiness, Motivation & the Art of Self-Goalsetting'


Arguably, we all strive for happiness. In fact, we’re neurologically wired to strive for pleasure or reward and avoid pain.


What you hope to achieve in your life, whether big life goals or smaller stepping-stones along the way, is likely a means to achieve happiness. And identifying those goals and stepping stones to happiness, in other words ‘what you want’, is a key part of the self-leadership journey.


And while that sounds easy (just pick what you desire, right?), research shows that we are terrible at predicting what will actually make us happy. Yes, you read right. 


Luckily happiness research has made huge advances in the last few years, pointing to what we really need as humans to be truly happy. Once you know that, You just need to know how motivation works, so that you can put it all into the most polished and exciting goal you have ever set!

Why? Because self-goalsetting is one of the 3 fundamental elements of self-leadership. Once you've mastered this step, you're ready to take action and strive for those stars.

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