eBook 'The Basics of Self-Regulation'

eBook 'The Basics of Self-Regulation'


Self-regulation is the practice of making things happen!


It is the third and final fundamental element of self-leadership. And, this is where it gets exciting!


It’s where you put your action plan into practice. However, this is also where you will undoubtedly be challenged to the max!


Self-regulation is the ability to understand and influence your own thoughts, feelings and actions. If you want to lead yourself and define your own path of happiness, your need to be able to regulate yourself in a way that is conducive to attaining our goal.


And that means that you need a basic understanding of


  • where your energy comes from and where it goes
  • how your mind works and how you can optimise it for performance
  • what emotions are and how you can foster those that empower you to achieve your goals
  • what willpower is and how you can use it wisely
  • the fastest and most effective way to build new habits
  • how you can succeed long-term.


So, if this sounds like something you want to master in order to realise your goals and dreams, this eBook is for you.

  • Specs

    90 pages, pdf format.