Self-leadership can be the answer to many issues and roadblocks.

From procrastination to feeling lost or disengaged staff, self-leadership helps you understand yourself, set clear goals, and optimise your motivation so that you feel pulled to perform and build new habits rather than having to push yourself.

However, self-leadership is also a complex concept with many elements that can be overwhelming for anyone without a background in behaviour change science.


How do you get to know yourself? How do you gain clarity around and optimise goals? And what is the key to motivation, constructive thought, and other self-regulation skills?

My biggest passion is to help individuals and groups understand and learn the ins and outs of self-leadership, so that they know what goals to aim for and why, and have the competence to realise their potential and achieve success.


Whether you would like an overview and guiding hand across the self-leadership spectrum of competencies or seek support to cultivate a particular self-leadership competence, I work with and support both individuals and corporate groups. I do this through speaking opportunities, self-leadership coaching, group workshops, consulting, and bespoke retreats.

Scroll down to find out more or simply contact me to find out how I can support you.

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Self-leadership is a relatively new concept and one that we don’t use in our everyday language. Supporting people to become efficient self-leaders starts with raising awareness. Speaking events are a great option to raise awareness in a large group of people simultaneously and create common understanding. They are also great to engage an audience and motivating them to create change.

I am an experienced and engaging presenter, motivational speaker and guest lecturer, with many years’ experience speaking to thousands of people around the globe. I have been an invited presenter and motivational speaker at national and international conferences, local community events, and workplaces. I am also frequently invited to speak to membership site audiences and provide guest lectures at universities.

The following provides and overview of popular topics, however, I typically adapt the focus to my clients’ specific wishes and needs, with topic areas spanning self-leadership, behaviour change, lifestyle change, positive psychology, happiness, motivation, and resilience and grit. Contact me to discuss your speaking requirements, the topics you are hoping to cover, and to obtain a quote.​






I created the world’s most comprehensive, evidence-based workshop program about the practice of self-leadership. My workshops are hands-on learning experiences, in which participants apply the lessons and use science-based tools and exercises to learn, try and adopt new ways of working and living in a fun and engaging way.

I offer workshops open to the public (please contact me for the next available dates and locations), as well as to private and corporate groups. Depending on the intensity and depth, they can range from 1-hour to 5 days in duration.

Contact me to discuss your specific needs, such as the topics covered, delivery modality (virtual or in-person), location, and to obtain a quote. Workshops can also be packaged with speaking engagements, consultations, and coaching services.



Research shows that happiness and success aren’t simply a matter of luck. Instead, they take self-awareness, pro-activity and dedicated effort in the right direction. Coaching is a process in which a coach guides the coachee to gain clarity, identify goals, roadblocks and resources. By creating a safe environment, active listening, and asking powerful questions, coaching can be a powerful tool to catalyse efficient and sustainable change.

I work with individuals 1:1 to support them on their self-leadership journey - no matter how big or small their goal. Together, we create clarity around desired experiences and outcomes, set goals, optimise your motivation and create the best environment for success. I am a qualified psychologist and coach (NLP Coaching Institute Berlin), with experience across corporate and private settings.

I offer coaching packages ranging from 3 individual 1-hour sessions to 3- and 6 months of fortnightly coaching support. Whether you’re a HR Professional looking for self-leadership coaching for staff, or an individual looking for acceleration of your self-leadership journey, contact me to enquire about availability and get a quote within 24 hours or book a suitable package below. You can also start with a free & non-binding introductory coaching call where we can work out together the best approach and package for your needs.

Available coaching packages

1x 60-min: $375 AUD

3x 60-min:  $975 AUD

10x 60-min:  $2975 AUD



Creating change and establishing new habits in a workforce requires more than simply teaching new skills and habits. Studies, including my own research, show that to create effective and sustainable new ways of working, stakeholders need to be on the same page and not only accept the new, desired behaviours, but ideally be willing to demonstrate and role model them. I work with organisations by consulting them on the best way to not only instill self-leadership habits in their workforce but also how to integrate it into workplace culture.

I also partner with leadership expert and executive coach, Kieran Doherty, to provide a comprehensive consulting, training and coaching service for workplaces ready to integrate both self- and organisational-/ team-leadership. In our work, we create a driven workforce of competent self-leaders as well as the environment in which they can perform. Find out more about our collective work at or get in touch with me through my site. 



Research from positive psychology studies shows that when we are in a relaxed and happy state, we are more open to new experiences, more creative and innovative, have a broader awareness, and make novel connections. We also know that being in nature plays a hugely important role in de-stressing and filling our fuel tank. So why not combine learning about self-leadership with wellness surrounded by the most beautiful landscape Australia has to offer?

In my retreats, I combine my self-leadership workshop with an escape to Australia's most beautiful countryside. Retreats can be provided over a long weekend (most popular with individual participants or private groups) or during the workweek (preferred corporate option). Popular destinations are the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, or Byron Bay.


The content can be my standard self-leadership workshop or focus on particular aspects, such as developing self-awareness and self-knowledge, cultivating emotional regulation, or mindfulness and constructive thinking. Contact me to express interest, find out more, and discuss how I can tailor the retreats to your requirements.