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Learn how to gain the confidence, motivation & skills you NEED to be HAPPY, find your PURPOSE and create the FUTURE you WANT. Get the COMPLETE package of “instructions” that are backed by science & actually WORK!


*see the results or get your money back!

(not valid if you signed up via an affiliate link)

  • Learn how to develop self-discipline and willpower

  • Understand the real science behind laziness and how to get motivated fast

  • Get insight into what true happiness looks like and how you can attain it

  • Master your anger & frustration, quell your anxiety and capitalise on your strengths

  • Know where you want to go and how to get there fast

  • Learn how to overcome ANY failures, including self-sabotage, procrastination & feeling overwhelmed

  • Apply evidenced based practices - not some hocus-pocus, crystal-powered, buzz-word bullshit

  • Get the know-how you need to finally be at peace with yourself & the world

  • Become your own self-master & live as a purposeful human - not an autopiloted zombie

Being stuck sucks. When your mind spins the same old crap over and over again:

“WTF is wrong with me?”

“Why can’t I do it?”

“Why am I so lazy and unmotivated?”

“Why haven’t I achieved it yet?”

“Why do I keep doing this to myself?!”

“How will I ever organise my life, get out of this rut and live a life that feels right for me, easy, and free?”

The people who inspire you twisting a knife in your guts with every success they conquer.

“Why am I so lethargic? Why aren’t I winning too?”


Then the excuses start. The blaming. The anger and denying.

“I don’t have the time and money they have.”

“I’m just not that strong or smart enough.”

“I just don’t have the energy, willpower and self-discipline.”

“I just can’t get motivated - I don’t have any self-control!”

“I don’t have the luxury of putting myself first.”


Sometimes you pick yourself up and get out of your self-loathing. Searching for answers you find:

“The 7 habits of highly successful people."

"10 tips for a better you.”

“How to get motivated in 15 steps.”

“11 powerful ways to become the best version of yourself.”

“Discover the power of ….”

Ugh! Someone please stick my head in the toilet and flush.

Maike has worked with


The thing is: You read it all.


Sure - every little advice makes sense. It’s simple, you get it. I mean, you’ne not completely stupid! You even try some of it for a while.


But let’s be honest: It doesn’t change a f*cking thing!


It doesn’t even put the slightest dent in it! It’s All. Just. Talk. Those bits of advice are nothing more than a nice-to-have when your life is already perfect.


Not for someone like you. You need someone who GETS you.


Who picks you up from the shitty place you’re in. Someone who has the FULL answer. The COMPLETE package! EVERYTHING there is to know and master about creating REAL CHANGE. Someone who KNOWS how to turn YOUR story around.


Shit that WORKS. Someone to hold your hand.


And for long enough for you to BECOME the change, without the constant doubts, setbacks and feeling crap about yourself. Without waking up shit, having a shit day, and going to bed feeling shit. Without the eat-sleep-zombie-repeat.


Are you ready to leave that crappy place behind and turn your story around?

If you really want to create change in your life you need more than just an inspiring quote, motivational blog post or bestselling self-help book.


You need


  • The real deal. The FULL PACKAGE. Not just one piece of the puzzle. A proper fix. Once and for all.

  • To understand what REALLY makes you tick and how to take back CONTROL of your life. Whether you want to get motivated to exercise and get fit, lose weight, get your life under control, find your purpose, get more energy, or become an entrepreneur and make money from the comfort of your home.

  • To get on top of your self-sabotaging behaviours and learn how to break out of the cycle you’re stuck in.

  • To start doing things differently, so you can create a different reality - dare I say a bloody awesome one, in which you’re confident, healthy, happy and successful. One in which you THRIVE. One in which others look at YOU and want to achieve that, too.

  • To build strategies to navigate your failures and get back up - reliably, every single time.

  • Support mechanisms to keep you going until it sticks and you're ready to chase all those dreams on your own.


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I built the Fresh Start program because I know what it is like to feel lost and confused while watching others succeed.


I've always been fascinated by the fact that some people thrive, while others go from one hurdle to the next. It's what drove me to study Psychology, complete a Doctorate in behaviour change science, spent years advancing the science about how people can best adapt life changes they desire, and eventually became an expert in self-leadership.


The crazy thing is: All the advice out there is great! All the books on how to adopt a growth mindset, how to cultivate grit, how to train your willpower, taking tiny steps, atomic habits, change when change is hard, foster your self-compassion, become a happy you, learn the high 5 habit, stop chasing happy, harness the power of now...THE  LIST IS ENDLESS!


There are 2 indeed:


1) Either, they are far from evidence-based, meaning you may as well as ask your friend's cousin's gipsy witch to lay her tarot cards for you all while raising your energy levels to vibe with the warrior goddess soul of the universe.

2) Or, they’re great, but only offer one tiny piece of the puzzle you need to put together to change your behaviour effectively and turn your life around!

The reality is: Human behaviour change is bloody hard and life can be a real bitch!


If you want to get on top of yourself and your life, you need the complete package of everything we know to date about the psychology of behaviour change, about the science of creating REAL happiness, and about how to master and lead yourself!


And that’s exactly why I created the FRESH START Program: To put ALL the knowledge, strategies and tools you need to create that change in your life that you need and deserve!


In other words, to take you from your rut to your peak. And keep you there.

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"Maike's delivery of the program is the perfect balance between egaging conversation and scientific data and evidence. The program provides a mountain's worth of valuable insights, learning and tangible practices. I have gained the clarity of purpose behind my actions and built the confidence to realise my goal. I recomend this program to anyone who is searching for the spark to chase their dreams."

Tom, Brisbane

"Maike's support and guidance is invaluable. She is also incredible supportive in providing tools, strategies and analogies to understand the purpose and impact of self-leadership."

Fatema, London

"Dr Maike's workshop offered an excellent insight into thought patterns and behaviour. Completing the worksheets under her guidance allowed me to apply these newly learned concepts to myself and refer to them later on. I am looking forward to the next eye-opening workshop with Maike's energetic personality, knowledge, drive and passion!"

Sandra, Camp Mountain

"I just want to thank you for that amazing workshop I did with you a while ago. Now, that I've gone to many other workshops, I understand how amazing yours was."

Caro, Brisbane

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The Fresh Start program gives you up-to-date and COMPLETE tools and strategies that are relevant in today’s world. It supports you in applying new behaviours and actions and reinforces your commitment to change.


Throughout the program you will learn:


  • Why you have failed with your goals in the past

  • How to identify your strengths and what's most important to you in life

  • How to identify limiting beliefs and cultivate a growth mindset instead

  • How to control your mind and the system it operates in

  • What humans really need to be happy and how to create longlasting happiness in your life

  • Why you're not lazy, and the real reasons you don't feel motivated 

  • How to maximise both your physical and mental energy as well as your willpower

  • How to cultivate both resilience and grit to get up and carry over time

  • How to experience continuous progress

  • How to become confident and find peace in yourself

  • How to find meaning and live your purpose

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"For someone who suffers a degree of imposter syndrome I have undertaken so many self-development courses. I also have the core value of ‘credibility’ and this is why I chose Dr Maike’s course. I can unequivocally say that this course is by far one of the best I have done (and there are heaps). The content was professional and credible as well as time balanced and not too overwhelming. I have utmost confidence that I will use the learnings from the fresh start program in everything I do moving forward even beyond my current goal. I can’t thank Dr Maike enough, this was a hugely valuable course that I would take again and recommend to anyone wanting to foster positive change and realise their potential."

Felicity, Tauranga

"Maike's style is super engaging. She has the ability to relay complex topics simply, and uses exercises that made the concepts easy to implement. I couldn't recommend Maike more highly."

Petra, Brisbane

"Absolutely recommend Maike's workshops. Her knowledge in self-leadership is undeniable and the tools and strategies she shares are life changing. Thank you, Maike, for sharing your grit, loving energy, and commitment through everything you do."

Lina, Newmarket

"I had the opportunity to be part of one of Maike's self-leadership workshops. I went without knowing what to expect and little did I know back then that it was the start of a very deep personal transformation. Maike gives you that confidence we all need, keeping you grounded and realistic. During coaching sessions, she's super approachable and open to discuss without judgement. I can't recommend this course enough, no matter what stage of your life you're at. It's so rewarding and a great tool to grow as an individual."

Diana, Herston

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Join the Program to SCRAP THE PAST & START FRESH today.


Because the program is based on actual data, from actual scientific studies and research it will actually help you create the change you want. It works because it is real.


Experience the change in yourself in 12 modules or you get your money back. Full refund. 


Why would I do that?


This isn’t a magic wand. This is a solution based on the fundamental components and operations of our human mind and bodies. No hocus-pocus. No crystals. No manifestations. Just comprehensive understanding how you work, biology, logic, your will to change, and amazing support.

No more tips and tricks that are based on the opinions of others.

No more waking up and not knowing how to handle the day ahead.

No more running on autopilot zombie mode from one task to the next. Eat-sleep-zombie-repeat.

No more condemning yourself to failure.

No more excuses.


This is all about YOU.

Experience the change in yourself in 12 modules or you get your money back.

(not valid if you signed up via an affiliate link)

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The basis of the FRESH START program consists of 12 video lessons and workbook exercises. The course is self-paced although it is recommended to complete 1 module per week.


In order to accommodate both your desire for support, willingness to invest time, as well as different investment abilities, we’ve made the program available in 3 different plan options:​


This includes 12 video lessons with me a s instructor. You access the lessons in a self-paced way through our exclusive guest area. With each video lesson, you will also get a digital workbook with a couple of simple exercises, so you can apply the learning in practice.

2. The PREMIUM Plan

This plan includes the ESSENTIAL Plan PLUS access to a private Facebook group with unlimited Q&A support, 3 live sessions delivered over the course of 3 months. These live sessions include short summaries of the course content and provide opportunities to ask questions. You will also be asked to do a quick weekly check in with a short reflection on that week’s exercises. The purpose of this is to keep you on track and accountable - both of which are super powerful to create the change you want.

3. The GOLD Plan

This plan is for those of you who are super serious and want extra individual support on your goal journey in the form of 3x individual, 1:1 self-leadership coaching sessions of 60 minutes each. These are either delivered by myself or one of my accredited team coaches. You can book these sessions at any time convenient to you across a time period of 3 months.

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There’s a NEW YEAR just around the corner. 

A new year always signals an opportunity for us to refresh.

Enrolment is now open for the next round of FRESH START commencing on 23 JANUARY 2022!

Why not make 2022 the year your NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS finally became your reality?!

To help you prepare, find your motivation and be ready to smash your goals I want to offer you the Fresh Start plans for less than 50% of their total value!



Essential Plan: save $1822! Premium Plan: save $2972! Gold Plan: save $3222!


Why? Because self-leadership is what gets me out of bed each morning (along with coffee) and helping others learn and apply it in their own lives is my purpose.


In fact, if you are really committed to making a change, I want to offer you another bonus.

If you sign up to one of our FRESH START plans on or before 6th January 2022 you’ll get one of my self-leadership ebooks for free! This will mean you are well on your way to creating change at the start of 2022.


Offer ends 6th January 2022.


Don’t forget my guarantee:

Experience the change in yourself in 12 weeks or you get your money back. 

Full refund.

(not valid if you signed up via an affiliate link)


This works. It only needs your desire and commitment to make it happen.


The Program is NOT for you, if you:


  • ​Aren’t serious about creating change and living a life that you love.

  • Aren't willing to put in the work it takes to change things for good.

  • Aren't ready to take responsibility for the things you CAN control in your life.

  • Are looking for a quick fix.


P.S. Don’t miss your chance on this EOY offer. Start taking control today. You will continue to miss your marks, fall off the wagon, or fail goals if you don’t change behaviour. FRESH START gives you the actual, evidence-based practices to achieve your goals. No buzz-words. No fanciful powers. Just biology, logic and your commitment.

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