Cat Burnett

Cat Burnett


Cat Burnett is a certified and ICF accredited coach and coach supervisor who believes in evidence-based methods, exceptional training and development, and humanity’s ability to persevere and improve.

Cat became a coach in 2018, when coaching karate at an international level and recovering from depression collided. As she learned how to untangle her thoughts and rebuild her mindset, she realised she could facilitate the same change in others, and became devoted to learning how.

Her style is warm, down-to-earth, curious, client-centred, non-judgemental, and integrative as she draws from a range of psychologically-informed methods to foster transformation.

When Cat isn’t coaching, you’ll likely find her curled up on the sofa with her own cat Thor (named after the lightning god, not the Marvel character), an engaging book, and a giant cup of tea!

At and together with Maike, Cat supports Gold Plan clients of the FRESH START Program with coaching. You can find out more about Cat here.